Finding Values Behind my Clients’ Businesses

As a Social Media Manager, I have worked with coaches, people with amazing specialized skills and bespoke services, and also those who bring great solutions and good vibes through their products sold online. What I love about my job is that I get to find good values behind my client’s businesses. Being part of their journey and their success is one big achievement, but being able to realize the values that drive these businesses makes my job more worth it.

As your Social Media Manager, I find it crucial to discover and invest on the values that made you bring your business to life and make it thrive among competitions.

As your Social Media Manager, I find it crucial to discover and invest on the values that made you bring your business to life and make it thrive among competitions. I learned that the core values behind online businesses are not just plainly expressed in their pages’ copies and contents. You don’t just say it by simply telling how they can provide the right products and services to solve their problems. There are just valuable reasons why these businesses want to be and have to be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on. Their values actually run through the businesses’ veins and blood, so I make sure their posts speak confidently about them.

Do they value self-respect and want their target clients improve their self-esteem and confidence? Do they want to motivate them by encouraging them to do even some few simple things? Do they think their products can help their consumers take on a more positive, active or healthier lifestyle? What about the crafts or the specialized services you are doing? Do you value all the efforts you put into it, thus resulting in very unique or personalized solutions? Realizing values such as these greatly helps me in making relatable social media contents, seeing people really respond favorably and get satisfied with these online ventures.

Creating attractive and effective social media contents can be a challenge, but if we have the values that guide you in your business, connecting with the community you are focusing on can be a breeze. It’s these values that will drive you! But another thing that I like about being a social media manager, and I personally consider this a perk in itself, is that I get to see more beauty from the work that I do and the people I work for. I always get to look at the positive side of things, and think about these more often. There’s always value, and there’s always good things to say about my clients, their products and services they are offering. It’s such a healthy habit, and it makes me love this job even more.

You know what they want and what they need. You are making it known and you are telling them the ultimate answer and solution to what it is that’s lingering in their heads. You have resolved it for them and all they need is to hit those one or two buttons that will take them to your landing page. So, instead of speaking to your audience, you are speaking on their behalf. You are one of them. You are simply voicing out and showing them what they need and want in your content.

As your VA, I would always look forward to discovering those good values behind the business you put up online. I would try my best so that our target market would respond to these values, intentions, and call to actions we create for them. To connect with that many audience may have its challenges, but a dedicated Social Manager like yours truly can do the job for you.

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